Olaosegba Isaac

Who is Olaosegba Isaac.

Let me tell you a little story.

As you know, my name is Olaosegba Isaac, and I am a freelance writer, blogger, and speaker. I am the founder of Golden Penners Co, which is a writing institution that delivers high quality articles, and train writers to deliver quality, original and SEO content for their clients.

I did not discover my writing skills until I was pushed to the limit.

Although, I had fallen in love with writing since I was a teenager, I never took it serious, or saw it as something of value that will become my fulltime job today.

After struggling for months to get my dream job, I decided to settle for my skill – which is WRITING. This was when I discovered my strength in writing, and took it to a professional level.

At first, I was unsure of how to survive as a writer, until I spoke to my friend who encouraged me to offer my content writing services to individuals and organizations. Within 6 months, I was able to land international gigs with several clients across Europe and Asia who testified to my good work and excellent writing skills.

Therefore, if you need a good writer for your content writing services, I have the skill, and empathy to understand your audience’s needs, and provide the best solution through my compelling and educating writing style.

FAQs for Olaosegba Isaac

Olaosegba Isaac
Olaosegba Isaac

What Niche does Olaosegba Isaac write about?

I provide writing services across the following niches:

How much does Olaosegba Isaac charge for your services?

My rates are affordable. Therefore, for more Information, contact me here

Why does Olaosegba Isaac think he is the best for my writing tasks?

I am the best shot for your writing tasks due to the following reasons:

My writing speed is quite impressive as well.

I write more then an average of 1000 words per day and in the last 5months, I have written more than 200,000 words.

  • I have spent years learning and developing my content writing skills by working for different clients.
  • I have a strong command of content writing tools like plagiarism detector apps, Grammarly and so on.
  • I pay attention to details and deliver just as you want it.
  • I deliver ON-TIME and I revert in case of any changes.
  • My works are plagiarism free.

Therefore, with my persuasive writing tone and wide range of experiences, you will never have to worry about your blogsite not ranking well on google (if you want SEO optimized content).

I love paying attention to details.

In addition to this, to further convince you of my abilities, check out these testimonials from some of my past clients.

Testimonials from Past Clients

Olaosegba Isaac’s Job for a client in the USA
Olaosegba Isaac
Job for a Client in Australia
Olaosegba Isaac
Olaosegba Isaac’s Job for a client in the USA
Olaosegba Isaac
Olaosegba Isaac’s Job for a client in CHINA

These are few of the numerous testimonials and references that I have gotten from my past clients. Therefore, you don’t need any further proof that I am the best shot for your writing tasks.

I look forward to hearing from you, and establishing a nice business relationship with you.