Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria that Pays

affiliate marketing that pays

How can I make money from affiliate marketing? in Nigeria

This has been the question on the heart of many young Nigerians. The state of the country has forced the youths to strive for alternative means of survival, and this has led to amazing inventions and discoveries that is about to change the landscape of entrepreneurship in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The online business has become the NEXT BIG THING in Nigeria, and many youths have embraced this scheme because of the easy, and flexible system that comes with the online business scheme. Out of the many online businesses in the world, affiliate marketing in Nigeria has become one of the most prominent between 2019 – 2021.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that pays people commission per referrals. What does this mean? Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows people to earn commission from the sale of products. That is, you don’t have to pay for the product before you earn from the product. As long as you can get someone to buy the product IN YOUR NAME, you will get a commission as agreed between you and the vendor.

This business model is simple to start, and requires no capital. Therefore, several Nigerian youths have ventured into it, and made money from it.

The popular question “How can I make money from Affiliate Marketing?” will be answered in this article. Therefore, ensure you read till the end. If you have been looking for the best way to make money from home, this article will provide the best answer to you.

With a comprehensive understanding of affiliate marketing, you will never bother about being broke again.

Are you ready to go on a journey of financial independence?

Read on.

What is Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, affiliate marketing is the business model that allows people to earn commission on a product they do not own. Either offline or online, people have the opportunity to make money without owning a company, buying shares or providing a product or service. In Nigeria, this is what affiliate marketing means. This is the lay man definition of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing started in Nigeria in the mid-1990s and it has grown to become a multibillion-dollar industry today. During the early stages of affiliate marketing, people never believed in its potential because of the rigid structure that came with this model. People believed it was a scam – and truth be told, many people were defrauded of their rightful share of commission. Affiliate marketing was carried out in a mechanical way at inception; this was a whole different system compared to the automated affiliate marketing systems that we have today.

However, in recent times, the process of making sales and getting commission has become easier and safer for affiliates.

An affiliate is the one that sells the product on behalf of the company for a commission.

Therefore, in Nigeria, affiliate marketing has recorded tremendous success. Many indigenous affiliate marketing programs have risen within the borders of Nigeria, and this has contributed to the financial freedom of many young Nigerians.

Although, there are thousands of Nigerian youths that have not gotten exposed to the online business model. There are also thousands of Nigerian youths that have failed to take advantage of the online business model due to fear of being scammed. As you read on, I will discuss how affiliate marketing is a safe and secure online business model that can guarantee you constant payment – as long as you can make sales.

How much Do Affiliate Marketers get paid?

Affiliate marketers get paid based on their sales. Therefore, more sales means more payment, and less sales means less payment. This is a simple way to answer the question. An affiliate marketer can earn as much as 12 million naira monthly, and as low as 2,000 naira monthly. This depends on sales.

When it comes to making money from home as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you have to understand what to expect in returns. There are several payment structures, and this is based on the affiliate program you choose to go for.

There is the pro-rate system that choose to pay you based on fraction. This means that if you sell 300 products, they will pay you the corresponding amount of 4 products. For example: If product A costs #40,000, and you sell 300 pieces, that is a total of 12 million naira. Getting paid a corresponding amount of 4 product items means you will be paid #40,000 X 4, which gives #160,000.

Another system of getting paid is percentage-based system. By far, this is the best system of payment for affiliate marketers. The percentage-based system reveals that you will get a percentage of whatever you sell. This is better than the pro-rate system. With the percentage system, you can earn as much as 50% of sales, which means a total of 6 million naira.

These 2 systems are the prominent systems of payment for affiliate marketers.

Here is my advice: Ensure that you opt in for the affiliate marketing platform that pays you by percentage. This gives you the opportunity to earn between 10% – 85% of total sales.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

There are 5 things to consider before starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Make sure you pay close attention to what you are about to read. It will save you from making many mistakes as an affiliate marketer. Many Nigerian affiliate marketers are struggling to get to the top of their game because they have failed to pay attention to these 5 powerful tips.

As an affiliate marketer, I have enough experience to guide you on this path. Therefore, before you run off with the knowledge you have gotten from this article, you should read these 5 tips.

Percentage: This is very important as an affiliate marketer. If you are ever going to make money in affiliate marketing, you must be ready to pay attention to the commission you will be paid. As an advice, don’t go for any affiliate marketing program that pays you less than 20%. Any affiliate marketing program that pays you less than 20% is not going to make you rich in the affiliate marketing business. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the percentage. Never make this mistake. Desperation has made a lot of people to go for any affiliate marketing program without considering the percentage. However, if you are going to succeed, you should look out for the percentage.


What product does the company produces?

Can you promote such product?

Do you understand the product you intend to promote?

You have to answer all of these questions before you opt in for any affiliate marketing program. if you are going to succeed in affiliate marketing, psychology and motivation is key. A lot of people have called affiliate marketing a scam, but it is not true. Their psychology does not agree with the business model, and this is why they have not gotten results. Make sure you understand the product you are going to be marketing. This is very paramount.

If you don’t understand the product you are promoting, you will not get any sales and I will explain the reason to you later.

In addition to this, apart from understanding the product, you have to be sure that your psychology agrees with the company, brand or product. If you are not motivated or psychologically pumped up to promote the product, ensure that you do not opt in for it.

Several factors can affect the type of product you promote – most especially as a Nigerian.

  • Cultural background.
  • Exposure.
  • Religious belief.
  • Personal conviction.

While these factors are not to be considered always, you can ignore the fact that they affect a lot about you. Therefore, you have to be sure that your mind agrees with the product. For example; if you don’t believe in smoking, it will be bad for you to promote a cigarette or lighter for smokers. You will not make any sale because of your mindset.

Therefore, the product is important.

Price: This is another important factor to consider before starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria. You have to check the price of the product you are promoting, and ask this question:

  • Can I make huge money by selling at this price? If you are meant to make 20% as commission, and the product goes for 5,000 naira, that is 1,000. Therefore, to make 1 million naira, you have to promote the product to 1,000 people, which cannot be possible without a wide audience. This type of product is negative. Don’t promote this type of product.

The price determines how much you are going to make. While it is not advisable to promote highly expensive products, the price must be fair enough to earn you huge amount of money per sale.

What are the prices of products to promote as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria?

If you want to promote products as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, follow these guidelines:

Commission (%)Price range (in naira)
30100,000 – 150,000
40100,000 – 150,000
5030,000 and above
6030,000 and above
70 – 855,000 and above

Follow this table as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

What if I am earning in Dollars as an Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria?

Well, the answer is simple. Convert the commission to Nigerian naira. This will help you to know what price range in naira, and determine if it is favorable for you or not.

Therefore, the price of the product is an important factor. Don’t get carried away by the commission. Ask questions about the price of each product. This will give you a clue into the ACTUAL COMMISSION you will be earning as an affiliate marketer.

People: Another word for this is “Audience”. In affiliate marketing, your audience matters. If you are ever going to make money as an affiliate marketing in Nigeria, your audience matters. Therefore, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do my audience have the financial capacity to buy this product?
  • Do I have enough audience to make a lot of sales?
  • How can I get more people to buy from me?

Once you can answer these questions, you will understand if the product or company is the best for your audience or not. You have to consider the people factor before choosing any affiliate marketing platform. Choose the product that most people will buy. This is how to rightly position yourself for more sales, which means more money. I will list out the top niches for affiliate marketers later in this article. Therefore, make sure you stick around.

Payment: You have to consider the payment structure. You have to consider how the payment is made.

  • Is it daily?
  • Is it weekly?
  • Is it monthly?

How frequently do they pay?

  • Very frequent?
  • Twice a month?
  • Twice a week?
  • Twice every 3 months? And so on.

You have to ensure that the payment structure agrees with your budget or financial plan. If the payment structure of the company is not favorable, don’t opt in for it.

The best payment structure for affiliate marketing is weekly. This will give you a guaranteed weekly income that will take your mind off financial burden. Read more here.

These 5 factors must be considered before starting affiliate marketing in Nigeria. As a newbie in affiliate marketing, don’t go into any affiliate marketing program because it looks simple, enticing and promising. Pay attention to these 5 important factors, and let it help you to choose the best affiliate marketing platform.

Now, you might have certain questions to ask concerning affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Don’t worry, you don’t have to send me an email. I have been in your shoes, and I know the different questions you might want to ask.

Therefore, hang around a little longer. Let us discuss the many questions in your heart and proffer answers to them.

FAQs on Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria
FAQs on affiliate marketing

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is not a scam. It is a simple business model that seeks to reward people for promoting a company’s product.  Once you can make a sale, you will get your commission. Therefore, affiliate marketing is not a scam or fraudulent business.

Is affiliate marketing a Ponzi scheme?

Affiliate marketing is not a Ponzi scheme. Affiliate marketing does not thrive on traffic. It thrives on sales. That is, you will continue to get paid as long as you make sales. This is not network marketing. Affiliate marketing does not compel you to refer people before you get paid. As long as you make sales, you will get paid – even if the sale is just once or over a thousand. Affiliate marketing is not a Ponzi scheme or money doubling program.

What do I need to have to start affiliate marketing?

In the mid-1990s, you might need to visit the company and do some legal paper works. However, in recent times, you don’t need all of that. The online business model has made affiliate marketing easy. Therefore, with your smartphone and internet access, you can start affiliate marketing from the comfort of your home. Today, affiliate marketing has become a work from home business. It has become a home-based business. Therefore, if you are looking for simple ways to make legit money online as a Nigerian, you should consider affiliate marketing.

Do I need money to start affiliate marketing?

Different affiliate marketing platforms have their policies. Some platforms require a membership fee. This is a commitment that you are a member of their organization, and it will also give you access to exclusive trainings on how to become an effective affiliate marketer. Therefore, if you want to register for an affiliate marketing platform, don’t be skeptical when they ask you for money. The money you will pay is minimal compared to how much you will make in the process.

How will I make my first sale as an affiliate marketer?

To make sales, you need to have digital marketing skills. This is very important. Several materials are online. However, you might not get full details about becoming a digital marketing expert. Therefore, to learn about digital marketing, click this link. If you are going to make your first sale as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you should master the are of sales and digital marketing. You need to understand the concept of internet marketing.

How long does it take to make my first sale?

It takes an approximate of 2 weeks to make your first sale. If you put in the required effort, you will make your first sale within the first 2 weeks. Therefore, be ready to put in the effort that is required. However, you must understand that your focus must be on sales.

Will I get paid as an affiliate marketer?

You will get paid as an affiliate marketer. Once you make sales, you will get paid. Therefore, make sure that your sales are much. This will increase your commission.

Why do I need to start affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a home-based business. If you are looking for legit ways to earn money with your smartphone, affiliate marketing is a consideration. You need to start affiliate marketing because it is an online business model that is guaranteed to give you millions of naira monthly. Therefore, you should not be scared of venturing into affiliate marketing.

Top Hot Niches for Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

affiliate marketing in nigeria
Top niches for affiliate marketers

If you want to make money online as an affiliate marketer, you should consider becoming an affiliate for the following niches:

  • Health related products: People definitely want to be healthy. Therefore, they will be ready to buy any solution you offer them, and you will get your affiliate commission for each sale.
  • Beauty related products: People want to look good. They want to smell nice. Therefore, you should expect to pull in massive sales by promoting this type of product as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.
  • Fashion: Shoes, bags, wristwatches and other fashionable items are luxurious products and can pull in millions for you monthly. People want to wear quality clothes and accessories, Therefore, if you can give this to them, they will be ready to buy from you, and this gives you your commission.
  • Information products: These are courses that teaches people soft skills, ways to make money online, and so on. Everyone wants to learn. If they discover a platform that can teach them how to become a better version of themselves, they will willingly pay for it. Therefore, you can position yourself as an affiliate marketer in this niche.

These niches are known to draw in sales. Therefore, find the company or brand around these niches, and become an affiliate for them. At least you will make 2 to 3 sales every week.

What Affiliate Marketing Platform can I start with in Nigeria?

The affiliate marketing platforms you should start with are:

These 2 affiliate marketing platforms can guarantee you consistent income every week or month as you deem fit.

In addition to this, their products are highly sought after, which means more sales for you. Take advantage of these affiliate marketing platforms in 2022 and beyond.

As a newbie, it is advisable for you to start with these platforms before you go on to become an affiliate for bigger companies.

Final Words

affiliate marketing in nigeria
Take action NOW.

Every young Nigerian must take responsibility for their finances, and affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money from home. If you seek to make money online and with your smartphone, then you should opt in for affiliate marketing.

With the information you have gotten from this article, you already have what it takes to become one of the successful affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

Take action right away, and watch a boost in your financial life in 6 months.

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