Never use the WEB 3.0

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What does the web 3.0 means?

Have you heard about the WEB 3.0?

If not, you are about to discover some shocking facts about this innovation.

Whenever you see the picture above, you suddenly begin to feel headaches and get frustrated. I have always hated these codes and I still do not have an interest in it. However, the recent revolution of the WEB from 1.0 – 2.0 has awakened my curiosity. I have watched closely how the WEB advanced from a few users to billions of users in the past 10 years.

The WEB has gone from an informational zone to a commercial zone. The web has left the green-faced website to interactive applications and networks. Therefore, I have decided to talk about the latest innovation called WEB 3.0

WEB 3.0 is something we have never seen before. Although, a fraction of it is seen in the blockchain technology, we have not seen anything like this ever. I have read several articles on WEB 3.0 and it took me so long to make any sense out of the articles I consumed. The construction of words were too cumbersome for me to digest. Therefore, I have decided to break this down into simple definitions for YOU to understand.

Let us get into this.


WEB 3.0 is targeted towards content creators. During the past advents of the WEB, we have seen a lot of content creators emerge with the WEB 2.0. We have seen an upsurge in the percentage of content creators from 20% – as high as 46% within 5 years. Therefore, the next invention of WEB 3.0 is targeted towards content creators. The WEB 3.0 is fashioned to massively reward content creators. This version of the web is going to deal with a lot of content creation and provide a massive platform for content creators to put out content and get rewarded for it massively.

What does this mean for Content Creators?

The answer is simple!

Every content creator is about to make huge money from WEB 3.0. During the current phase of the WEB 2.0, we have seen content creators make so much money due to user ranking. However, in WEB 3.0, content creators are about to make much more. We have not seen anything like this.

In addition to this, the WEB 3.0 calls out for more content creators. (In another article, I will talk about what content creators stand to gain). It is time to begin to prepare for this massive metamorphosis as a content creator. Genuine Content Creation is where the money lies in this generation. The hunger for information has brought content creation to the limelight and the WEB 3.0 is going to blow that up.

WEB 3.0 GIVES YOU UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO SHARE AND USE DATA: The WEB 3.0 brings a permissionless system where you don’t have to be restricted to share and use data. Unlike the Semantic web that is regulated by some policies, the web 3.0 gives you unrestricted usage to information and data. Therefore, this unrestricting will allow you to share and use data.

WEB 3.0 INCORPORATES AI FOR MORE ACCURATE SEARCH RESULTS THAN WEB 2.0: You are going to get better and faster search results than WEB 2.0 because AI are going to be incorporated. What amazes me about this innovation is that AIs are going to be programmed in such a way that will make them understand the context and concept of the words you search for.

For example; there is a difference between Jaguar (car) and Jaguar (animal).

In the WEB 3.0, there is going to be such a cutting edge precision in the results a search engine will begin to deliver. You are going to literally feel like the AI is reading your mind.

Therefore, we are about to break into an AI powered WEB where humans and AIs will interact closely than ever before.

WEB 3.0 GIVES YOU UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO VALIDATE TRANSACTIONS ACROSS BORDERS WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES: The advent of blockchain technologies has brought about this. We have seen the rise of cryptocurrency over the past 9 years. Because of the blockchain network, a lot of transactions take place on a daily basis worth millions of dollars without any government permission. This is the future of finances.

I am sorry to say! but traditional banking is about to wrap up. Traditional banking will not see the wake of the next decade. WEB 3.0 is going to give us the independence to make huge transactions all across the the world without any permission. I have sent money through cryptocurrency countless times and I can tell you that it is the easiest and safest way to make transactions. The WEB 3.0 brings this to more light and breaks it down much more. Of course, the Blockchain Technology is already making this happen.

We are about to see this become fully blown. The use of TOKENS instead of CURRENCIES will become a worldwide phenomenon in 2030.

What does the web 3.0 mean?

WEB 3.0 REWARDS YOU FOR USING THE INTERNET: WEB 2.0 simply exploited us.

Do you know that organizations are supposed to be paying you a token for your permission to allow their cookies? Cookies are a form of marketing that organizations use to target their audience. Therefore, the moment you allow any cookie from a website, you are giving them the permission to target their adverts at you.

You can monetize cookies.

You should be paid for using applications.

Definitely it should be in TOKENS.

This is what we are about to break forth into from this invention. Rather than just using and enjoy amazing benefits on the WEB APPLICATIONS, you are going to be paid a token for using applications.

Recently, the GAMING WORLD has seen this happen. Now, you can play games to receive a TOKEN. The more you win, the more rewards you get. Therefore, you can make money by playing Game. Coins like AXIEL INFINITY (AXS) are GAMING COINS. Another example of this is the WALL STREET GAMES (WSG) coin as well.

This is a blink of what to expect from the WEB 3.0. You will be paid for using the internet. You will own a Piece of the Internet.


There is no doubt that the future has come. The future that is powered and generated by AI has come. What we have seen in movies is about to unfold in our very eyes and we are the generation to usher in the age of the machines.

Don’t fret! this is not about to look like the terminator movies where the world was taken over by machines. We are about to enjoy so much wealth and information decentralization under the WEB 3.0 and WEB 4.0.

Therefore, cross your legs and enjoy the ride into the future.

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